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GPU Caps Viewer

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GPU Caps Viewer, a free and highly-featured tool that quickly describes the essential capabilities of your graphics card/GPU including GPU type, amount of VRAM , OpenGL API support level, OpenGL API extensions database and general system configuration, as well as a GPU-Stress-Test functionality (GPU-Burner). Furthermore, this software will allow you to view extensive reports in text or XML format. quick view of the graphics configuration (graphics card / GPU type, amount of video memory, drivers version) display of the main OpenGL capabilities (OpenGL version, texture size, number of texture units, etc.) display of the OpenGL extensions supported by your graphics card or display of all existing OpenGL extensions.


GPU Caps Viewer 범주 기타 oZone[3D].Net개발한에서 Freeware 소프트웨어입니다.

GPU Caps Viewer의 최신 버전은 2019-04-26에 발표 된 처음 2007-10-29에 데이터베이스에 추가 되었습니다.

다음 운영 체제에서 실행 되는 GPU Caps Viewer: Windows.

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